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Finance Great Depression

Best Money-Making Opportunities Following the 2030s Great Depression
By ITR Economics on October 5, 2023

The Great Depression of the 2030s will potentially be a difficult time for the many who do not see it coming. You will need to put money-saving measures in place now to best endure the...

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ITR Experts Say Construction

Demand Still Key Amid Shifting Housing Market Dynamics
By ITR Economics on October 3, 2023

The US Single-Unit Housing Starts 12-month moving total has been rising since July, and the annual rate-of-change has been rising since June.

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ITR Experts Say Recessions

2020 COVID-19 Recession vs 2024 Recession
By ITR Economics on September 21, 2023

All year long, ITR Economics has been helping businesses prepare for the upcoming recession that will begin late this year and last through 2024. As business leaders navigate their...

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News ITR Experts Say

Wages and Job Openings Trends Suggest Some Relief for Employers in Tight Labor Market
By ITR Economics on September 19, 2023

Indications of a labor market less skewed to the employee’s favor and more to the employer’s are appearing:

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Webinars Recessions

Business Environment in a Recession
By ITR Economics on September 15, 2023

ButcherJoseph & Co.: Through the lens of the two most recent major economic cycles, we will explore how recessionary and non-growth environments provide attractive conditions for business...

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Budget Planning

Use the Business Cycle in Your Budget Planning for 2024
By ITR Economics on September 12, 2023

With companies now in the middle of the busy budget season, business leaders are hard at work putting together financial plans for the coming year. While many executives are factoring our...

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