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Hong Kong Is Not Faring Well Under Tightened Chinese Control
By Alan Beaulieu on June 27, 2023

Hong Kong’s GDP and stock market have both been underperforming since before COVID-19.

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DataCast Internal Forecasting

The Importance of Using Leading Indicator Inputs
By ITR Economics on June 22, 2023

The unique methodology we use for all our forecasts at ITR Economics is what helps make our overall accuracy rating stand out at 94.7%. Alongside our business cycle theory and...

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ITR Experts Say Retail

Consumer Data Alone: Pain Ahead for US Retail and Hence Economy
By ITR Economics on June 15, 2023

It is time for a consumer check-up. As of now: The US Consumer Credit Card Delinquency Rate is at 2.53%, up 105 basis points from a 2Q21 low. The US Consumer Loan Delinquency Rate is at...

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Insights from Our CEO

A "Strong" Economy? Time to Face Reality
By Brian Beaulieu on June 8, 2023

“The Economy is Strong.” No, it is NOT. Time for a reality check and to prepare for reality! Essentially the only primary gauge regarding the US economy that is strong is the labor market,...

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ITR Experts Say Construction

A Housing Recovery: The Formula for Success
By ITR Economics on June 6, 2023

Affordability = Earnings + Home Prices + Mortgage Rates + Size What is new: Earnings are rising (adjusted for inflation). Home prices are declining. Mortgage rates are down. Single-family...

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ITR Experts Say Strategic Planning

Data and the Effect of Policies Upon the Economy Are What Matters
By ITR Economics on May 30, 2023

We are unbiased and apolitical at ITR Economics. Maintaining this position is consistent with our Core Values, which are the guiding tenets of our work; they help us to provide the best...

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