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2023 in Our Sights: How Will Manufacturing Stack Up?
By Jeremy Bess on January 4, 2023

The top music apps have started a popular year-end trend: showcasing their listeners’ top-played songs and artists of the past year. They call it something like “Your 2022 in Review,” and...

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2024 Recession Will Not Be Restricted to the US
By Brian Beaulieu on January 3, 2023

Europe Industrial Production is holding up quite well despite the economic stresses imposed by Russia’s energy policies toward Western Europe and the Ukraine war in general. There is a...

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Great Depression

Helpful Tips for Workers Ahead of the 2030s Great Depression
By ITR Economics on December 27, 2022

During an economic depression, job loss is an unfortunate reality for many. There are many elements that will factor into job security in the next decade, and everyone will face some level...

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ITR Experts Say Retail

Eyes on the Consumer: A Four-Pronged Assessment
By ITR Economics on December 22, 2022

When you want to know where the ship is headed, a good bet is to go directly to the person at the wheel. For the US economy, that would be the consumer, as every productive economic effort...

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'Has Your Outlook for 2023 Changed?'
By Jackie Greene on December 15, 2022

One of the most frequent questions we are getting lately is “Has your outlook for 2023 changed?” The answer: yes and no.

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ITR Experts Say Construction

An Outlier, With a Few Reservations
By ITR Economics on December 13, 2022

The beauty of the “economic train” is that when a given railcar is navigating a dodgy stretch of track, another glides forward on gleaming rails, supported by stout ties.

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