Preparing for the Next Phases of the Business Cycle

Our clients and subscribers know that we at ITR Economics are all about planning a business cycle ahead. In this...

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Input Costs Are Rising – How Will You React?

What’s happening?

At first glance, we see that the US Producer Price Index (PPI), a measure of inflation for...

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Business Cycle Opportunities: An M&A Perspective

The US industrial economy is approaching a low point the business cycle. From a decision-making perspective, this is...

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Residential Construction: A Year in Review and a Look Forward

After starting 2020 at a strong pace, residential construction was thrown into decline and uncertainty in the spring...

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Sending Goods, Here to There: Rates Are Up, Via Land, Sea, Air

Shipping woes? You’re not alone. Whether you're sending by land, sea, or air, you're seeing domestic and...

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3 Worrisome Headlines, Put Into Perspective

It is perfectly understandable that many business leaders are hesitant about their prospects in 2021, as it feels in...

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