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Changing Times and New Data Views
By ITR Economics on February 7, 2023

We wrote in a previous blog post that “the data is out there.” Indeed it is, but at ITR Economics we can also say that the data is “in here.” We have a relentless Data Team that tracks and...

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Insights from Our CEO Internal Forecasting

The 2 Big Known Risks to Our Macroeconomic Outlook
By Brian Beaulieu on February 2, 2023

We endeavor to let people know what the upside and downside risks are in association with every forecast we publish. There are always risks that we must weigh when generating a forecast. In...

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Internal Forecasting Strategic Planning

Why an Accurate Sales Forecast Is Needed for an Effective Business Strategy
By ITR Economics on January 26, 2023

There is a lot to consider when building out a strategy for your business. Your employees, your markets, your internal capabilities, technology, and even your plans for expansion must all...

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ITR Experts Say Finance

We Are Still Watching the Fed
By ITR Economics on January 24, 2023

You are likely aware that a US macroeconomic recession we had originally forecasted for mid-decade will now come earlier and characterize late-2023 and 2024, resulting from the dampening...

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From the President's Desk Internal Forecasting

A Trusted Compass — Our Preliminary 2022 Forecast Accuracy Results
By Alan Beaulieu on January 19, 2023

Pilots, sailors, and hikers all know the importance of an accurate compass at all times, and especially when darkness descends and clouds obscure the moon and stars. I remember an...

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Great Depression

What Will the World Look Like After the 2030s Great Depression?
By ITR Economics on January 17, 2023

The next Great Depression will have a tremendous impact on the entire world, heavily influencing the way we think and act. As we navigate through this period, there will be a lot of changes...

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