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New Insider Plus™ Membership Coming Soon – Including By the Numbers™ Podcast
By ITR Economics on May 6, 2024

Manchester, N.H. – ITR Economics announced today a new tier for its popular Insider™ membership – Insider Plus™.

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ITR Experts Say Construction

Residential Construction Overview With ITR Economist Derek Stanley
By ITR Economics on May 2, 2024

ITR Economist and Speaker Derek Stanley provides our outlook for residential construction in 2024. He details the challenges our clients are facing, highlights our expectations for next...

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ITR Experts Say Construction Manufacturing

Labor Market Check-in: Tightness Persists, but Employers Seeing Some Relief
By ITR Economics on April 25, 2024

We are forecasting rise for US Private Sector Employment – our flagship jobs dataset – through at least 2026. We are also expecting that the labor market will remain relatively tight...

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Strategic Planning Great Depression

Do Not Miss Out on These Business Opportunities Ahead of the 2030s
By ITR Economics on April 23, 2024

ITR Economics is always helping businesses prepare for the future, especially with a depression coming in the 2030s. Unfortunately, due to the gravity of the coming depression, it is all...

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ITR Experts Say Strategic Planning

Watch the Macroeconomy, but Watch 'Your World' Too
By ITR Economics on April 18, 2024

For a snapshot of the business-to-business sector of the economy, we typically look at US Nondefense Capital Goods New Orders. New Orders recently put up some decent numbers considering the...

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Defense Spending Analysis and Outlook
By Connor Lokar on April 17, 2024

Slowing global growth, elevated interest rates, lingering inflationary pressure, and global conflict are combining in 2024 to yield what we expect will be a slower-growth environment for...

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