The Coming Headline Hysteria

In our recent joint webinar, ITR President Alan Beaulieu and I commented on how "slaying headlines" is one of our...

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Don’t Mistake an Event for a Trend

There is a human tendency to conflate individual events with overall trends. While news and market observations are...

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Economic Insight: Just as Valuable When Things Are Good

At ITR Economics™, our consultants and speakers frequently field a certain question: “When is the next economic...

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Three Key Ways an ITR Presentation Can Improve Strategic Decisions

Uncertainty is the prevailing challenge that business leaders face today. Top questions facing decisionmakers are:...

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Three Inputs to the Changing M&A Market Trend

We use US Total Industrial Production as one of our “benchmarks” for the overall economy. GDP is another one. We...

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Welcome to the Family

The New Indicator:

Our team has added a powerful new tool to ITR’s existing family of indicators! The new ITR...

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