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Income Meets Government; Irony Ensues
By ITR Economics on July 12, 2022

Real (i.e., inflation-adjusted) personal income – as earned for productive economic participation – is at a record high. This bodes well for the overall economy because it means the...

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The Threat of Higher Interest Rates – Driven by Inflation Pressures
By Brian and Alan Beaulieu on July 6, 2022

The Fed appears intent to quell the inflation that they helped create. They have indicated that they intend to make up for lost time with an aggressive schedule of rate hikes. Quantitative...

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Global Great Depression

2008 Great Recession vs 2030s Great Depression: Similarities and Differences
By ITR Economics on June 30, 2022

The 2008 Great Recession had a profound impact on many people and businesses, leaving a scar that is still visible today. Meanwhile, the 2030s are looming, and ITR Economics is forecasting...

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Headlines of Horror
By Brian Beaulieu on June 23, 2022

Truth be told, headlines are a poor planning tool for anything. Even the major news organizations don’t get it right, certainly not all the time. They quote famous names, sell their...

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Pricing and the Golden Rule
By ITR Economics on June 21, 2022

Inflation feels like a new threat to the economy, but in reality it is an old ghost from the past. Dealing with inflation as business managers is about protecting profit margins,...

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Implications of the Fed's 75-Basis-Point Rise in June
By Brian Beaulieu on June 17, 2022

The Federal Reserve raised the federal funds target rate by 75 basis points on June 15. The stock market seemed to be pleased at the attempt to quell inflation. That didn’t last long, with...

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