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ITR Experts Say Recessions

Limit Your Exposure to the Upcoming Recession
By ITR Economics on March 21, 2023

One way to mitigate the pain that will accompany the industrial sector recession we are forecasting for the second half of 2023 and through 2024 would be to focus on markets that are not...

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ITR Economics Announces Partnership With FocusCFO
By ITR Economics on March 20, 2023

Manchester, N.H. − ITR Economics is excited to announce our new partnership with FocusCFO. FocusCFO is a leading provider of embedded fractional CFO services. Founded in Columbus, Ohio, in...

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From the President's Desk Construction

Seeing the Future First
By Alan Beaulieu on March 14, 2023

“Seeing the Future First” is important at ITR Economics, as it sums up our purpose and our passion. That is not always easy for a business leader, even a seasoned one, to do. As an example,...

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Great Depression

Ask Us Your 2030s Great Depression Questions!
By ITR Economics on March 8, 2023

First referenced in the book “Prosperity in the Age of Decline,” the next Great Depression – beginning in 2030 and defining that decade – has long been forecasted by ITR Economics.

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ITR Experts Say Retail

Consumer Holding Steady Amid ‘Tightness Twofer’
By ITR Economics on March 7, 2023

“Twofer Tuesday” was a radio gimmick. On Tuesdays, the classic rock station local to ITR Economics’ southern NH headquarters used to (still does?) entice listeners by playing two songs in a...

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Insights from Our CEO Budget Planning

Inflation Update: 3 Things to Know
By Brian Beaulieu on March 2, 2023

Our view toward where inflation is heading clearly indicates the Federal Reserve could stop raising the fed funds rate immediately if they wanted to despite the very low unemployment rate....

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