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ITR Experts Say Management Planning

Shifting Phases, Shifting Strategies
By Connor Lokar on January 11, 2022

Management objectives are tailored strategies that are implemented during specific phases of the business cycle to yield better results. The industrial economy and most players in it are at...

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News Capital Investment

Objectively Consider Selling Your Business
By ITR Economics on January 6, 2022

The Emotions are REAL ITR Economics CEO Brian Beaulieu said it best: “You pour your heart and soul into your business … so your employees and your family can have a good life, a stable...

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From the President's Desk Management Planning

Three Concerns for 2022
By Alan Beaulieu on December 29, 2021

ITR’s forecast for 2022 is well known, but for the sake of clarity our macro forecast states that the US economy will grow through 2022 into 2023, but the rate of growth will decelerate as...

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News Management Planning

3 Tools to Retire from Your Strategic Decision-Making Toolkit
By ITR Economics on December 22, 2021

Budget planning season, capital investment discussions, strategic planning meetings – for these and many scenarios, you turn to your trusty decision-making toolkit. You and your leadership...

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New Book: Brian and Alan Beaulieu to Tackle the Big Questions
By Brian and Alan Beaulieu on December 17, 2021

Strategic and tactical planning is difficult, particularly as the future is at best uncertain and there are events pressuring the economy in multiple directions. The pressures can come from...

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Insights from Our CEO Finance

4 Things to Think About as Fed Policy Changes
By Brian Beaulieu on December 16, 2021

The Federal Reserve is downshifting from overt stimulus to a more normal policy stance. This may not have the effect that some people are expecting, and not along the timeline others are...

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