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What You Need To Know About the Stock Market in 2024
By ITR Economics on November 7, 2023

Whether it is the US economy entering a recession, geopolitical conflict in various places around the world, or even a possible US government shutdown, there is so much going on that could...

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Finance Great Depression

Best Money-Making Opportunities Following the 2030s Great Depression
By ITR Economics on October 5, 2023

The Great Depression of the 2030s will potentially be a difficult time for the many who do not see it coming. You will need to put money-saving measures in place now to best endure the...

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How to Form an Effective Pricing Strategy Following the 2024 Recession
By ITR Economics on August 30, 2023

ITR Economics has been forecasting a macroeconomic recession that will begin at the end of 2023 and continue throughout 2024. Although we continue to help businesses preparefor this period...

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Insights from Our CEO Finance

The Debt Ceiling Drama
By Brian Beaulieu on May 11, 2023

Congress and the White House are engaged in high drama over raising the debt ceiling.

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We Are Still Watching the Fed
By ITR Economics on January 24, 2023

You are likely aware that a US macroeconomic recession we had originally forecasted for mid-decade will now come earlier and characterize late-2023 and 2024, resulting from the dampening...

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Disinflation – Re-inflation − the US Dollar
By Brian and Alan Beaulieu on November 8, 2022

Disinflation will characterize 2023. We expect inflation will be a persistent problem for this decade. There is a US dollar aspect to this outlook.

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