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ITR Economics is the oldest, privately-held, continuously operating, economic research and consulting firm in the US.
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ITR Experts Say Internal Forecasting

The Limitations of Logic
By ITR Economics on April 19, 2022

We all make assumptions every day, and they make logical sense to us at the time. But relying solely on such assumptions – and neglecting to test your hypothesis – can lead you to misread a...

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Meet Our VPs
By ITR Economics on April 14, 2022

Stepping into the spotlight! If you keep up with our emails , you know that ITR Economics has been excitedly sharing all the latest updates on our Leadership Team – the team that will guide...

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Meet ITR Economics’ Leadership Team
By ITR Economics on April 6, 2022

Manchester, NH: ITR Economics is pleased to introduce its full Leadership Team, which will guide the company into the future. The formation of the team – five years in the making –...

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Management Planning Manufacturing

Have You Learned From the Auto Industry’s Woes?
By ITR Economics on March 31, 2022

By this point, we are all familiar with the automotive industry's struggles – semiconductor shortages are hindering vehicle output while consumers are simultaneously voicing their desire...

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Internal Forecasting FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Rates-of-Change
By ITR Economics on February 17, 2022

At ITR Economics, we have been relying on our proprietary methodology for several decades now to maintain our unmatched 94.7% forecast accuracy rating. Our unique set of tools – from...

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Management Planning

Disruptors – They Will Always Be With Us
By ITR Economics on February 16, 2022

Even as restrictions ease and the US economy resumes a more predictable trajectory post-pandemic, we're noticing a palpable sense of angst among some of our clients. It seems the more...

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