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GDP Is in Recession
By Brian Beaulieu on August 4, 2022

It is official. GDP (adjusted for inflation) met the definition of a recession when it declined for a second consecutive quarter based on the 2Q22 advanced release. What this means is now...

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Has the Federal Reserve Gone Too Far?
By Brian Beaulieu on August 3, 2022

The Fed raised the fed funds rate by 75 basis points (bps) on July 27. The Fed had said they were going to do it. We were hoping they would change their collective mind based on several...

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From the President's Desk Internal Forecasting

Current Market Trends — 3 Key Insights You Should Know
By Alan Beaulieu on July 28, 2022

Using “market trends” is my way of drawing attention to the exact opposite – specifically, that many markets are behaving differently than our macro trends. Nevertheless, ITR Economics’...

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ITR Experts Say Manufacturing

Auto Production Has Passed Though a Trough − What It Means for You
By ITR Economics on July 26, 2022

Our analysis of the latest data is that North America Light Vehicle Production established a low in March. Seasonal rise and cyclical improvement are underway. North American manufacturers...

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9.1% Is Not the Most Important Number
By Brian Beaulieu on July 21, 2022

The June CPI result reflected a 9.1% year-over-year rate of inflation. The number immediately garnered a lot of attention and understandably so. It was the highest rate experienced in the...

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The Downside and the Upside of a Return to Normal
By Brian Beaulieu on July 14, 2022

Consumers benefited from mounds of cash pushed their way by government stimulation during the pandemic. The financial windfall fueled an incredible surge in Retail Sales and contributed to...

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