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With a reputation as an accurate, straightforward economist, Alan Beaulieu has been delivering award-winning workshops and economic analysis seminars across the world to thousands of business executives for the last 30 years.
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News From the President's Desk

Spirit of Giving: US Charitable Donations Data Through the Lens of Economics
By Alan Beaulieu on December 20, 2023

Americans are a giving people, with total contributions from all sources at $499.3 billion in 2022. Of that total, $319.040 billion come from individuals 1. Individual charitable...

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From the President's Desk Construction

Prepare for Change
By Alan Beaulieu on November 16, 2023

US Total Private Domestic Fixed Investment1 is at a record high $4.794 trillion and 3.3% higher than the year-ago level. Private Fixed Investment consists of purchases of residential and...

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From the President's Desk Global Recessions

Growing Economic Troubles in Europe
By Alan Beaulieu on October 19, 2023

Europe’s GDP (12-month moving average) is edging lower off a March 2023 record high. The second quarter of this year (three-month moving average) came in even with the year-ago level. The...

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News From the President's Desk

Inflation Fears
By Alan Beaulieu on September 26, 2023

The headline demanded attention: “Inflation Coming In Hot” with a follow-on sentence about the “largest monthly increase since January” (bold in the original). All in all, the article is...

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From the President's Desk Great Depression

5 More Questions From the July Webinar About the 2030s Depression
By Alan Beaulieu on August 24, 2023

The following are viewer-submitted questions from our July 27 Executive Series Webinar, “2030s Great Depression Update.” The recording of the webinar is available here.

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From the President's Desk Global

Four Troubling Trends in China
By Alan Beaulieu on July 19, 2023

Things are changing in China, and, based on the four trends presented below, these changes are not for the better. China’s growth beginning in the 1970s was truly impressive as the country...

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