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What the Political Alignment Means for the Economy

The current political party alignment does not mean you should assume slow growth is ahead.

  • Some markets are...

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Bring on the Future - 3 Trends to Know and Utilize

There is understandably angst and uncertainty about our future these days. I find it helps to keep an eye on today...

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What Might a Capital Gains Tax Increase Mean for the Stock Market?

There have been only three notable increases in the capital gains tax rate over the last 51 years (there were...

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The Economic Recovery Outlook for Where You Live: Four Things to Know

The shape of the recovery in your business is first and foremost a function of the decisions that you make....

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Rising Debt, Flat Profits, and the Future

The US government taking on more and more debt is a frequent topic of conversation. Oftentimes, the matter of US...

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Tracking the Three-Headed Monster

There really is a monster under the bed, but it is still time to get out of bed and get ready for the day.

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