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Preparing for Slowing Growth

Planning season is approaching quickly. For many of you, it is likely already be here. As we work on our budgets and...

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Supply Chain Challenges and the Impact on the Auto Industry

Supply chains are still struggling to catch up with demand coming out of pandemic, and that could not be more...

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Natural Gas Prices Are Up – What About Production?

So far, our forward-looking economic indicators have shown continuous improvement in 2021. Still, I continue to hear...

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The US Consumer: Positioned for Strength

Would you believe me if I told you that the US consumer is in a better financial position today than when we entered...

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The State of Oil and Gas in 2021

We all remember how difficult 2020 was for the oil and gas industry. However, 2021 is underway, and with the new...

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Economic Insight: Just as Valuable When Things Are Good

At ITR Economics™, our consultants and speakers frequently field a certain question: “When is the next economic...

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