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Economic Insight: Just as Valuable When Things Are Good

At ITR Economics™, our consultants and speakers frequently field a certain question: “When is the next economic...

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Keep Calm and Drill On

2020 was a challenging year for many industries, and the oil and gas industry was no exception. COVID-19 was just...

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Preparing for the Next Phases of the Business Cycle

Our clients and subscribers know that we at ITR Economics are all about planning a business cycle ahead. In this...

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Keep Your 'Ion' the Prize

As many of our ITR speakers have discussed in recent blog posts, US Industrial Production is poised for growth in...

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2021 Commodity Price Outlook

Many of the recent conversations my fellow colleagues and I are having with our clients are related to inflation...

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OPEC's Big Decision

At the time of this writing, US Crude Oil Futures were trading at $45.53. Not the most attractive figure, but we...

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