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Why This Time Really Is Different

“It’s different this time.”

We’ve all heard that before. There is a human tendency to believe that we are living...

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Beware the Zombies!

Halloween is over, but something spooky still stalks the business world.


Zombie companies, that is.

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The Consumer Is Still Spending – But Where?

Amidst the economic recession triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer spending has contracted. Yet the decline...

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US Debt-to-GDP Ratio Worsening on Both Fronts

The level of US federal debt will roughly equal the size of the entire US economy in FY2020, according to the...

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Learning Recession Lessons with the Fed

Since the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a global recession, the US Federal Reserve has been quite active in its...

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When Data Is Volatile, Focus on the Long Game

The dust is settling from the double black swan events of early 2020, and we are examining the economic data to...

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