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What's Up With Housing?
By Brian Beaulieu on September 16, 2022

Actual results through July were on track with the forecast, but our analysis suggested the housing market was going to trend weaker than we had previously expected. The forecast was...

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From the President's Desk Construction

Building on Housing
By Alan Beaulieu on April 25, 2022

ITR Economics is forecasting a soft landing for GDP in late 2022 and into the first half of 2023. (Please note that a hard landing, or recession, would be two consecutive quarters of GDP...

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ITR Experts Say Construction

Update: Infrastructure Bill Passes
By Lauren Saidel-Baker on November 16, 2021

With House passage Nov. 5 and President Biden's signature 10 days later, the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill is now a reality. The bill was initially moving alongside a $2 trillion...

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