Economic Updates

Post-Shutdowns Labor Constraints Call for Creative Solutions

Of the constraints currently facing business leaders, few are as severe as the shortage of qualified workers.

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Digging Into the Infrastructure Bill

The Senate has passed a $1 trillion infrastructure bill that promises to be the largest infrastructure investment in...

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Signs of a Slowdown In Housing

Single Family housing market conditions have been red hot since last spring, but recent data points are starting to...

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Preparing for Slowing Growth

Planning season is approaching quickly. For many of you, it is likely already be here. As we work on our budgets and...

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Global Roundup: Recovery Varies Across Regions

The World Industrial Production Index entered Phase B, Accelerating Growth, as of April data. As we welcome the...

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Commercial Construction Markets Coming Back

Recent leading indicators suggest that nonresidential construction activity will be rebounding as we head into the...

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