Economic Updates

3 Things to Consider as You Navigate Toward and Through 2022

2022 is not going to be a replay of 2021. Trends are shifting. Business leaders need to be aware of those shifts so...

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4 Takeaways Regarding Our National Debt

A change to the trend in our national debt, which would reduce the probable severity of the Great Depression in the...

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Inflation: A Powerful Force That Works Upon Business and Wealth Lies in Wait

3 Takeaways Regarding Contending With This Force in Your life

The US Consumer Price Index (CPI) showed 5.0%...

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The Inflation Boogie Man, Interest Rates, and Profit Pain: 3 Takeaways

There is quite a bit of discussion regarding the threat of inflation and its attendant impact on interest rates. The...

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Surging Sales: Boosting Team Confidence and Morale With 3 Easy Charts

Rising Retail Sales are not a guarantee of a growing economy (because there are no guarantees in economics), but...

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Three Inputs to the Changing M&A Market Trend

We use US Total Industrial Production as one of our “benchmarks” for the overall economy. GDP is another one. We...

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