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Capital Investment

Managing Return and Risk
By ITR Economics on February 8, 2022

The below article was provided by guest writer Clark Bellin, President of Bellwether Wealth. One of the most common questions I get regarding investing using the Optimizer process is, "How...

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Webinars Capital Investment

Raising Capital for Growth
By ITR Economics on January 21, 2022

Don't miss our upcoming complimentary webinar on February 17, 2022, Raising Capital for Growth, presented in partnership with ButcherJoseph & Co.

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News Capital Investment

Objectively Consider Selling Your Business
By ITR Economics on January 6, 2022

The Emotions are REAL ITR Economics CEO Brian Beaulieu said it best: “You pour your heart and soul into your business … so your employees and your family can have a good life, a stable...

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Insights from Our CEO Capital Investment

Buy Low ~ Sell High
By Brian Beaulieu on October 19, 2021

Think About Timing, the Position of Your Markets, and Five Other Considerations

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Capital Investment FAQ

Timing Investments - Frequently Asked Questions
By Alan Beaulieu on March 22, 2021

Is timing my investments in my business like trying to time the stock market?

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News Capital Investment

Top Three Considerations for Capital Investments
By Alan Beaulieu on October 29, 2019

The Business Cycle is a key factor as you make decisions on significant capital investments for your company. The economy, your industry, and your firm are constantly moving through a...

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