Economic Updates

Out With the Old, in With the New!

In our ever-changing world, yesterday’s solutions are not guaranteed to be tomorrow’s best option. We must...

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A Tale of Two Recoveries

Not all recoveries are created equal, and for planning purposes, knowing the differences can be crucial. By now,...

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Business-to-Business Activity Was Flying Too High

As we were evaluating the data for US Nondefense Capital Goods New Orders (excluding aircraft), we noticed a...

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Playtime Isn't Over

As a nation, we are strong, we are resilient, and we like to have fun. While many industries have been hurt due to...

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How Does Your Performance Compare to the Market?

2020 has been a challenging year, but the big question is, did your actions help you outperform your markets? Many...

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Is the EU Outspending the US?

The European Union has agreed to the first-ever common debt bailout. EU leaders were facing significant pressure to...

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