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ITR Experts Say Internal Forecasting

How Well Should Your Business Perform?
By ITR Economics on September 29, 2022

Few tools available to the business leader are as useful as a good sales forecast. When you know – with the 94.7% accuracy we consistently achieve at ITR Economics – the “when” and “how...

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From the President's Desk Internal Forecasting

Current Market Trends — 3 Key Insights You Should Know
By Alan Beaulieu on July 28, 2022

Using “market trends” is my way of drawing attention to the exact opposite – specifically, that many markets are behaving differently than our macro trends. Nevertheless, ITR Economics’...

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Insights from Our CEO Internal Forecasting

When Leading Indicators Don’t Really Lead
By Brian Beaulieu on June 15, 2022

The following are key aspects of our leading indicator analysis at ITR Economics: Context Reliability Looking Beyond Conventional Wisdom

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Trends Report Internal Forecasting

How Does the ITR Trends Report™ Help Identify Markets for Growth?
By ITR Economics on May 23, 2022

If you were to ask business owners and executives which superpower they would most want to have, many would surely choose the ability to see the future. Many might be reflecting on past...

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Executive Insights Internal Forecasting

Which ITR Economics Leading Indicator Applies to My Business Most?
By Jackie Greene on April 22, 2022

There is a common desire to pinpoint a cause for an event. Frequently, we are asked: Why will the US macroeconomy avoid recession during this business cycle? What will be the cause of the...

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ITR Experts Say Internal Forecasting

The Limitations of Logic
By ITR Economics on April 19, 2022

We all make assumptions every day, and they make logical sense to us at the time. But relying solely on such assumptions – and neglecting to test your hypothesis – can lead you to misread a...

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