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Webinars Great Depression

2030s Great Depression Update
By Brian and Alan Beaulieu on January 17, 2023

Higher-than-expected inflation, interest rates, and deficit spending characterized the beginning of this decade. It is understandable that people are wondering if this means we are shifting...

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Webinars Global

Global Outlook – Key Trends Through 2023 and Beyond
By Derek Stanley on January 12, 2023

In response to the Federal Reserve’s aggressive interest rate hikes, we at ITR Economics have updated our forecast for the US industrial sector. As you likely know by now, the economic...

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Webinars Manufacturing

2023 in Our Sights: How Will Manufacturing Stack Up?
By Jeremy Bess on January 4, 2023

The top music apps have started a popular year-end trend: showcasing their listeners’ top-played songs and artists of the past year. They call it something like “Your 2022 in Review,” and...

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Webinars Finance

Disinflation – Re-inflation − the US Dollar
By Brian and Alan Beaulieu on November 8, 2022

Disinflation will characterize 2023. We expect inflation will be a persistent problem for this decade. There is a US dollar aspect to this outlook.

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Webinars Construction

Outlook for Nonresidential Construction in 2023 and Beyond
By Kyle Stevens on October 10, 2022

The global economy is now firmly on the back side of the business cycle, and residential construction – as measured by housing starts – is in recession. In this webinar, we will cover the...

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Webinars Shipping & Trade

Outlook for the Distribution Sector
By Lauren Saidel-Baker on October 5, 2022

The global economy is now firmly on the back side of the business cycle, and challenges are mounting for distributors. Although supply chain pressures are easing, hurdles remain and...

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