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The Debt Ceiling Drama
By Brian Beaulieu on May 11, 2023

Congress and the White House are engaged in high drama over raising the debt ceiling.

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Insights from Our CEO

Home Prices Are Declining
By Brian Beaulieu on April 4, 2023

Home prices are down from record highs. A declining trend is evident for existing and new homes. Why It Matters: Improved buying opportunities are ahead. The market is correcting to...

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Insights from Our CEO Budget Planning

Inflation Update: 3 Things to Know
By Brian Beaulieu on March 2, 2023

Our view toward where inflation is heading clearly indicates the Federal Reserve could stop raising the fed funds rate immediately if they wanted to despite the very low unemployment rate....

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Insights from Our CEO Internal Forecasting

The 2 Big Known Risks to Our Macroeconomic Outlook
By Brian Beaulieu on February 2, 2023

We endeavor to let people know what the upside and downside risks are in association with every forecast we publish. There are always risks that we must weigh when generating a forecast. In...

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Insights from Our CEO Global

2024 Recession Will Not Be Restricted to the US
By Brian Beaulieu on January 3, 2023

Europe Industrial Production is holding up quite well despite the economic stresses imposed by Russia’s energy policies toward Western Europe and the Ukraine war in general. There is a...

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Insights from Our CEO Strategic Planning

The Inverse Yield Curve is Upon Us
By Brian Beaulieu on December 6, 2022

ITR Economics is gearing up to change some forecasts for 2024 and 2025. The reason is the 3-month Treasury yield is running above the 10-year Treasury yield, and the situation has persisted...

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