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From the President's Desk Construction

Commercial Real Estate – That Hurt!
By Alan Beaulieu on April 20, 2023

Use caution if you are planning on investing in commercial real estate.

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From the President's Desk Construction

Seeing the Future First
By Alan Beaulieu on March 14, 2023

“Seeing the Future First” is important at ITR Economics, as it sums up our purpose and our passion. That is not always easy for a business leader, even a seasoned one, to do. As an example,...

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From the President's Desk Great Depression

Ominous Headline – Fact or Fiction?
By Alan Beaulieu on February 14, 2023

Headlines are meant to grab a potential reader’s attention, and this one certainly grabbed mine! A major news source led with this: “GDP Report reveals ominous Great Depression warning sign...

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From the President's Desk Internal Forecasting

A Trusted Compass — Our Preliminary 2022 Forecast Accuracy Results
By Alan Beaulieu on January 19, 2023

Pilots, sailors, and hikers all know the importance of an accurate compass at all times, and especially when darkness descends and clouds obscure the moon and stars. I remember an...

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From the President's Desk Strategic Planning

Prosperous Times – for Some
By Alan Beaulieu on November 15, 2022

It has been my pleasure to talk with numerous executives in different industries over the last few weeks, and many of them are still wondering if we are in a recession. We have dealt with...

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From the President's Desk Budget Planning

No Time to Waste: Stay Head of Mounting Labor Costs
By Alan Beaulieu on October 20, 2022

The percentage of overall operating costs that labor accounts for will vary by industry and company, but it is an important component of just about anyone’s cost structure. The availability...

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